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Our services Taule.it | Italian Concept Design a Lecce
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  • Strategic analysis, creative concept, restyling, relooking, design and furnishing of private living spaces and public places (airports, ports, railway stations, banks, museums, squares, courtyards and play areas), commercial spaces (shops, bars, restaurants, hotels), of boats and aircrafts.


  • Consulting and support in the internationalization process of the enterprises and valorisation of the “made in Italy” products. Information and legal assistance. Analysis and development of new markets, export advisory.


  • Artistic design objects, decor and furnishings using natural and innovative materials , with great attention to the environment. Realization with internationally acclaimed artists of “unique signed pieces”. Consulting service on modern art for collectors.


  • Realization of the coordinated image. Creation of the brand, design of catalogs and graphic designs. Website creation.